GBTX – The new reinforcement

On the banks of the river Cávado, a complete industry dedicated to knitwear, from knitting to ennoblement and confectionery, has gathered a unique know-how inside doors and is affirming itself internationally. Impetus, Diastêxtil, Iris, NGS Meshes, GBTX and Cordeiro, Campos & C.ª are six (good) examples of this know-how.

Since Barcelense, founded by the entrepreneur João Duarte, the industry has gained strength in the Cávado region, especially in Barcelos, with countless companies settling in and using the knowledge of the workers and the cluster that was created to thrive in and outside national borders.

In the September edition of Jornal Têxtil, we portray the region through six different companies with different business models. Alberto Figueiredo, president of the Impetus group and Conceição Dias, manager of the Diastêxtil group, reveal in an interview the route, the opportunities and the difficulties of being in the Cávado valley. The image is completed with Iris’s perspective – the joint dyeing project of NGS Malhas and Gabritex -, of NGS Malhas, of GBTX and of Cordeiro, Campos & Ca.

In another valley, Ave, is a time of celebration in Riopele, which celebrates 90 years. But the company led 10 years ago by José Alexandre Oliveira is, above all, looking to the future, with investment in R & D and investments in the constant modernization of the industrial park, as stated in an interview with the president and sole shareholder of the company .

Get to know the details of the wire that opened the doors of Première Vision to JF Almeida, which is to internationalize its spinning business, the new unit of TMG Automotive in Vila Nova de Famalicão, additions to Endutex’s portfolio, growth plans Foot by Foot, Cordex’s latest strengths to differentiate itself, the investments of Blank Home – the Mundotêxtil brand – in Asia, the new distributor of Lhasa in China, Fiorima technologies that promise to captivate sock designers, internationalization efforts of Miguesana, AAC Têxteis’ excellent services and the diversification of markets of Cristina Barros.

We also anticipate what you can find at Apparel Sourcing Paris and reveal the numbers of the situation, which show that exports continue to rise, as do the shipments to the Italian market, where Portuguese companies have strengthened their position.

Also take a look at the Cerar para Ganhar supplement, in which SGS, Consulgés, Tratave and Foster Consulting present their services.


referência: Portugal Textil