Brilliant minds

Its innovative character, industrial applicability, market approach and a highly qualified multidisciplinary team have made CeNTI a must in the R & D bets of several companies in the textile and clothing industry, such as Tintex or Riopele, but also in other sectors, cosmetics to molds.

In the October issue of Jornal Têxtil, CeNTI is the main protagonist. After 11 years of activity, the center for nanotechnology and technical, functional and intelligent materials has become a R & D partner par excellence for many companies in the textile and clothing industry and is the origin of large projects, which have already valued 67 patent applications. Get to know in more depth the work done by CeNTI and its team of almost 70 people, namely the projects iTechInovcar, Skhincaps, Nanosmart, iParasol, Picasso and 1D-Neon.

Do not miss the interview with Braz Costa, where CeNTI’s CEO takes stock of the last decade and anticipates some news that will promote the growth of the institution in the coming times.

The Portuguese participation in Première Vision Paris is also growing, as was shown in the last edition, where the work and the national collections received a lot of praise. From the appointment of A. Sampaio and Riopele to the PV Awards, to the creative collection of Fabric Somelas, and to the doubling of national companies in PV Yarns – with the debut of JF Almeida, Lipaco and SMBM – and in Knitwear Solutions , where Elmate debuted, and for the strong presence at PV Manufacturing, where they highlighted such names as Calvelex, Goucam, Raith, Squarcione, António Manuel de Sousa, J. Caetano or Custoitex, all with many good arguments for ” made in Portugal “.

Committed to bringing the national know-how to the rest of the world are also Teamstone, Consifex, Newplaids, JPS Home & Textile and Olmac, the latter with an increasingly diversified portfolio of technical clothing, for areas such as sports winter clothing, work clothes and firefighting equipment, among others.

We also take stock of the latest edition of Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles, which opened the doors of Asia to the Portuguese companies Blank Home (the brand of Mundotêxtil), Lasa, Teceland and Tela’s Design, and Momad Metrópolis, which ensured new contacts for the Lion of Porches and Averse (from GBTX), as well as the preview of what you can find at Maroc in Mode, a must-see for Cotex.


Reference: Portugal Textil