Mission, vision and values


Our main mission is to guarantee customers satisfaction in harmony with the needs and expectations of all interested parts (employees, suppliers, local community, official entities, among others), according to the highest quality standards, competence, fast response and specialization. GBTX exists with the purpose of creating value, anticipating needs and exceeding the expectations of our customers and markets.


We seek to become a role-model of quality and commitment in design, development, production and commercialization of ready-to-wear fashion. For this, we look for permanent innovation and investment in equipment and human resources.

Our employees are regularly involved in continuous training allowing teams to anticipate and solve problems, optimizing product profitability and quality.


GBTX, Lda intends to be global and a reference in the development of new products, standing out essentially for its standards of organizational, social and environmental excellence.
We recognize our employees as the pillar of the organization, in this sense, we seek to provide a healthy work environment, safety and continuous professional training, as well as all the tools suitable for each department.

We work entirely in accordance with the regulations of human rights principles established by the Council of Europe, so we consider it essential to value and respect all employees and entities involved in the activity.
We are aware of the need to act with the focus on social and environmental responsibility, always seeking customer satisfaction through transparency and trust between parts.

GBTX,Lda, based on sustainable, responsible and ethical practices throughout its value chain, is governed by the following values:

 • Social Responsibility (SMETA Certification); Quality and excellence;
 • Environmental sustainability;  • Involvement and commitment;
 • Ethics in relationships;  • Search of results.