Designation of the project | GBTX INTERNATIONAL

Project code |POCI-02-0752-FEDER-020801


Main goal | Reinforcing the competitiveness of SMEs

Region of intervention |North

Beneficiary entity |GBTX, LDA

Approval date |21-02-2017

Start date |18-07-2016
Date of the conclusion |17-10-2018

Total eligible cost |357 727,23 EUR

Financial support from the European Union | FEDER – 155 508,04 EUR 

            FSE – 7 292,29 EUR

Objectives and expected results: 

GBTX aims to be an international benchmark in the casual and technical urban clothing sector, and aims to enter into new international markets, implement methods to promote the company and its products and create an attractive website with an online store. Thus, with the present project, the company intends to take on a diversification strategy, by entering new markets such as Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and the United States with the launch of new products.